The realization of Being as purposeThe School, if a purpose leads, is what Shakti Ma has promulgated with immense risk: To make you see your own Divinity.

Love as the fundation
The realization of the Being
as purpose

The Divine Values School is a space created from Higher Spheres through the guidance of Shakti Ma, with the purpose of offering the teaching resources of Light and inner experience that will lead beings towards a fully conscious life in harmony with the Cosmic currents of evolution; the natural and true condition of the human race.

The School aims to reorganize the most authentic Values, those that still exist and are preserved intact: those that were granted to us from the same moment of our manifestation as active, conscious and pure energy. These same properties are the Divine Values, and from there the proposal of this School begins: YOU ARE ACTIVE ENERGY, CONSCIOUS AND PURE

The Divine Values School starts and is based on the most sublime Vedic Teachings from where Shakti Ma, the Being who guides and projects this Teaching from the highest spheres of evolution, recorded her reiterated adventures of Light obtaining ratification as well as the authority to exercise a Mastery.
The Divine Values School does not come from any known source that dictates principles or notions already studied, nor does it offer something that is not known, is a mystery or remains inaccessible to someone about something. No. It is a foundation of successful spiritual journeys already given, coming only so far through Shakti Ma, who has been able to move forward recklessly without dodging anything, throughout Paths that have enriched her abilities to transmit a powerful and true Light guideline.
Today Shakti Ma reopens, transforms, invites to a School and an open teaching, which will lead many to their own discovery to obtain a greater scope: their own Realization.


The establishment of Light Paths that sustain a consciousness of Spiritual Synthesis and the Law of Love as the foundation beyond all religion, dogmas and antagonistic manifests of Faith, are the premise that the Spheres of Light have set forth for the transformation of the Planet Consciousness and of the Beings that inhabit it.

The understanding of Love and Will as the engines of evolution and Self Realization are the fundamental notions of the path guided by Ma Shakti and the Mahavatar Babaji.

The School is established as a projection of the eternal evolution teaching given to humanity from the Divine Consciousness, so that the awakened and resonant souls in that infinite vibration know that the call has been answered. The response of the highest vision of man and his purpose becomes present in the location destined to generate the new rebirth of the Eternal Light.

The School proposes the highest techniques and teachings to dissolve the replicating programs tied to the human forms of the individual and collective ego and to be able to access the active and awaken forms of our Photonic System.


The Immortal Masters have told Shakti Ma:

“We must return to the Source, to the Master Teaching that was given to Man for his ascension”

Certainly, given the yearning for spiritual teaching that has been activated in Humanity at this time and at the same time within the reigning confusion about what kind of teaching should be taken as real, valuable or possible, the Immortal Mahavatar Babaji and his Masters on Earth await patiently and with love for souls in search to realize, remember and discover again the power of Light existing in the master codes of cosmic wisdom that were given to man at the beginning of this cycle of evolution.

The Divine Values School is the space offered by the Lineage of Light to re-impart this wisdom, which man should have never forgotten, but that today is once again ready to be resumed.