“These are beautiful Love instructions.
These are the adjustment, self-knowledge instructions you’ve always been waiting for.
They are unique to each Being, and we just deliver them back again”.

Mataji shaktiananda


The SKY Instruction is a Light manifesto that Shakti Ma has emanated from the Mother Source. It is a of Love and Realization descent made into words, which was conceived under the cosmic influx of the Spheres of Immortal Beings.

Shakti Ma, the Mahavatar Babaji and the Conclave of Immortal Beings designed The SKY Instruction as one of the pillars of Teaching of the Divine Values School. With the firm intention of projecting a pure Light principle, a compendium of transcendent wisdom in a new language, unique and, at the same time, a reflection of the deepest eternal truths.

Developed for the current evolutionary moment, they progressively reveal aspects of deep spirituality that may surprise for their conception of Love and revelation and, primarily, for their powerful proposal for change and transformation, not only for each soul, but also for the most solid structures of what we have called human civilization, which has been conceived in opposition to the original Evolutionary Plan.

The SKY Lessons are a Love offering from the Consciousness of Mataji Shaktiananda and the Immortal Masters.

They are delivered monthly to the School students. They accompany and complement the passage through each Teaching Level.

They allow the reprograming of our most deeply rooted negative belief aspects, propitiating healing and clearing resources in all Soul energy fields.


Reactivate internal wisdom, Divine Intelligence in each being, the key for Self-Realization.

Promote Self-knowledge conscious actions.

The Realignment and readjustment of the mental bands, deposit of negative programs and erroneous beliefs.

Deprogramming of distortions of the primary purposes capture..

Reconnection with Light Spheres in assistance.

The Activation of self-healing and dissolution of Karma programs..

Reprogram the Mental Field in higher frequencies.

Reveal higher truths, essential to the Inner Path.

The objective of this Instruction is to internally reestablish each soul’s principle of wisdom, to reconnect it and lead it towards the understanding of the deepest aspects of self-knowledge and alignment of the Being with the purest evolutionary principles for the attainment of Self-realization and of the Divine Plan.

To develop the SKY Instruction internally is to remember the fundamental Plan information, and its most important revelations, not only at the cosmic-evolutionary level, but also in those that will allow the student to develop the highest forms of consciousness in their present. Knowing the exact ways of being and staying in this plane of manifestation.

The SKY Instruction is the fundamental information for successfully passing through the inner path. It is the reactivation of the wisdom and Divine Intelligence contents of each being through the codes delivered by the Mahavatar Babaji and Shakti Ma.




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Sky levels
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