Dhyana Yoga


“What or who is a meditator?
He, who through himself seeks to find himself.
He, who knows lives here and there and seeks to unite.
He, who knows that his being contains everything.”

Mataji Shaktiananda

The Human Being in his transits of lives, in his constant searches and in his most beautiful visions of himself, has always throbbed in the memory of states of peace, fulfillment and internal calm, that at some point in his eternity have been true, real and not fleeting sensations that are over before being able to raise awareness or bring joy.

Millennial teachings tell us about human resources to connect with this reality that transcends us and also about the states of Supraconsciousness, the true condition of the Human Being that we long for but do not know how to access.

Eternal Masters have revealed to man the ways of doing it and have remained in time, renewing themselves, adapting to a life increasingly difficult, demanding and external.

Meditation, as we call it, is the internal experience of the Soul, the contact with aspects that make up the Being“.

Meditation, as we call it, is the inner experience of the Soul, the contact with aspects that make up the Being, but this being, distracted in the vicissitudes of the dynamics of the world, has left it in forgotten corners of his Consciousness.

The Mother Shaktiananda, a Being who has reached the most beautiful states of Being, guided by Immortal Masters, can offer today a precise and exact Teaching of Love, from where you can take what is right for the true, full and conscious path.

Techniques offered directly from the Consciousness of the Mahavatar Babaji and Mother Shaktiananda are delivered from the First Level of the SKY Teaching for the gradual progress in the development and reactivation of the innate capacity of the Soul to reconnect with the Being.

Important benefits of the practice of Meditation



Meditation is oriented to the adjustment and mastery of the mind through the closing of the senses and the orientation of the consciousness towards the subtle structures.

Through meditation the channels of connection with Divine Consciousness are activated as well as with our higher aspects.

Meditation allows the purification of the acquired karmic aspects.

Meditating generates the purification of the mind as a receiver of the impregnations of experience.

Meditating produces increasingly constant inner states of serenity, peace and joy.

Meditation, therefore, reduces stress and anxiety in response to our relation to the world.

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