“The Sacred Fire is a Ritual that has been imported
from other spheres to Earth, so that humanity can
also obtain the Cosmic resonance it generates.”

Mahavatar Babaji- Mataji Shaktiananda


Within the ascension codes given for the rescue of Humanity 13,000 years ago -after the Atlantean accident- the Sacred Fire is the highest wisdom of purification and connection with the Regent Spheres of Light. Performing the Sacred Fire Ritual is to utilize a Cosmic Science of creation of electromagnetic Fields that far exceeds what current Science has achieved. It is learning to resonate and connect with the highest frequencies in the Universe, and gift the soul with the deepest contact.

From the Transformation Spheres, a system for generating high-frequency electromagnetic fields through Fire has been designed, the element of greater subtlety and power to transform in these planes. This information has been reactivated again at this time, as a possibility to accelerate both individual and collective evolutionary stages.

The work with Fire contemplates the restitution of a real cosmic connection“.

The work with the Fire contemplates the restitution of a real cosmic connection, which is activated through the purest formulas dispensed to Humanity: the Mantras, restituted by beings like Mataji Shaktiananda and the revelations received by Babaji.

This was revealed by the Rishis (sages) and Siddhas (perfect beings) for the cosmic connection and the dissolution of Karma. Fire acts as a catalyst for the purification or dissolution process of the ego and activation and reconnection with the Cosmic Being.


The SKY Initiate is introduced to the practice of Sacred Fire from the First Level of the Teaching, receiving the adequate instruction for his cosmic reconnection. In the following levels, mantras and forms of work are offered, which allow the Initiate to delve into the potentialities of Fire as an evolutionary ally, unsuspected by the neophyte.

At the DVS, work with Fire is contemplated as one of the three primary aspects of ascension, and it is taught just as the Mahavatar Babaji revealed it to Shakti Ma, in absolute communion with the codes delivered millennia ago in the Himalayas, where the Sacred Fire was the strongest form of contact and connection with Planes of Light as well as in the most important advanced cultures of Humanity.


Communion with Divine Consciousness is produced through the purest and highest Ritual known to Man.

The Sacred Fire connects the soul with the center of Light of the Galaxy through the Sun’s magnetic fields.

The practice of the Sacred Fire generates an electromagnetic field that produces extraordinary vibrational and energetic changes at the molecular or atomic level, not only in those who practice it but also in the spaces where the Fire rituals are carried out.

Vibrational protective fields are generated in the places where the Sacred Fire is performed.

The sacred Fire promotes the activation by resonance of the Internal Fire and the vibratory frequencies of the auric fields are accelerated, thereby generating the elevation of Consciousness.

Many physical processes are healed through the conscious practice of the Sacred Fire.

All living beings within the range of the Sacred Fire receive healing benefits.

The Sacred Fire destroys Karma; low frequency programs (fear, darkness, pain) impregnated in the energy systems and also encourages the steady progress towards Self-realization.

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