Emanations of light




 At each Level of SKY Teaching the Initiate has access to the deep Wisdom that Mother Shaktiananda offers through her Emanations.
Intuitive reading and study of these valuable teaching

is the pillar of the School.


The Teachings of Mother Shaktiananda contain a free form of Divine Intelligence that, if we approach them in fair openning we can access very high and exact understandings of our own Being, God, Higher Laws and the Eternal Path. They are also, with certainty, the most beautiful way to get to know Her apart, of course, from direct exchange.

In the Emanations, the perfect conjunction of her Cosmic and human reality occurs and are the best way to impregnate ourselves with the projection of the Creator Father in his purest manifestations, those invisible and undetectable zones for the mind but clearly open for the heart.

At all Levels of SKY Teaching, Emanations of The Mother Shaktiananda and The Immortal Masters are studied and worked in depth, having direct access to the most sublime and valuable dispensations of Love from the original Mother Source.

Sabiduría SKY