Mantra Yoga

The cosmic sounds

Mantra is the pronunciation of Divine resonance vibrations, that create perfect and harmonious forms of Light in the etheric planes and they are feeding the physical, etheric, mental and spiritual-atmic bodies, to preserve and accumulate the photonic load necessary to rise, to reach higher states of Being”.

Mataji Shaktiananda

Mantras, the cosmic sounds of connection with the Divine, have accompanied Man since millennia. Understanding the secrets hidden in the Word, voice and sound, the ancient sages offered the magic formulas of contact with the Forces of Light and Divine Consciousness.

With the passing of the Eras, the understanding of the nature of the Mantra, its purpose, its power and its exact formulation have been progressively diluted, maintaining only a reduced vision of the real wisdom of the Sacred Word. At this time of Transformation the dispensation has been generated, through realized beings, to recover the most profound levels of work with the Mantras. It is through the Consciousness of beings such as the Mahavatar Babaji and Mother Shakti that the possibility of accessing the millenary secret of the Mantras is given as the most effective weapons to attain the highest states of Being and to reach levels of Peace consciousness, Serenity and Unity connection.

Mantras are modulations of the Divine Consciousness Light Pulses in its different activities“.

The word Mantra defines any sound, syllable, word, phrase or symbol that expresses and contains in itself Energy of Light, of Divine Resonance. Mantras are modulations of the Light Pulses of the Divine Consciousness in its different activities. These sound constants are expressed through thought, sound (verb), and symbol. The word Mantra, from Sanskrit, is made up of the root man (to think) and the particle tra (instrument).

These cosmic resonances have the ability to generate the activation of energy fields, and to enhance the catchment of Prana, of photonic force, which nourishes the bodies (physical, etheric, mental and spiritual-atmic) of those who work with them in the adequate way. Mantras are emanations of Light, transformed into sounds and symbols that vibrate in resonance with the different manifestation aspects of the Divine Consciousness.

According to Mother Shakti, millennia ago, the ancient Rishis (sages) descended to the dense vibrations of the Earth in order to capture the new dispensation of Light for the time of transformation and ascension. At that time, due to their high frequencies of consciousness, they managed to capture the resonances of the Divine Spheres that were assisting the Planet, as well as the Master codes of teaching for Humanity. This is how they are codified, in the way called in the Sruti Scriptures (revelation), the sound frequencies that emanate from the different Divine activities.

  • The Cosmic Codes of Light are impregnated in the Cosmos by the vibration of the Spheres of Divine activity. They are projected as resonances of pure energy, like Light.
  • The Resonances are captured by Beings of high Consciousness.
  • They are modulated in their descent according to the human capacity to articulate and modulate the sound, and finally ready for the ascension of Consciousness.

How do the MANTRAS operate?


The way Mantras resonate in the Spheres of Light obeys to certain hidden aspects. Certain sounds in the Mantras are pronounced in a way in which they have the property of generating a very high frequency vibration, which we could call ultrasound.

These frequencies, which were symbolized in characters and in sounds accessible to human hearing frequencies, act at other levels as energy fields, and thus connect with the Spheres of Light.

The purest way to activate the potential of a mantra is its reception through a Being that has been able to activate his entire System of Being. This connection allows the contact with the highest Light circuits that the mantra invokes and evokes.

In the SKY Teaching the beginning of the work with the cosmic frequencies of the mantras is contemplated from the First Level. The student receives the appropriate instruction for the activation of these Cosmic Codes. As one advances in the levels of instruction, mantras and working formulas are introduced that will allow you to deepen the force contained in these cosmic sounds.




Alignment with the cosmic frequencies that invoke the cosmic syllables: The Mantra generates a Resonance response from the Cosmic spheres on the practitioner, propitiating the elevation of his bands of Consciousness.

Contact with these vibrations impregnates the practitioner’s cells with Photonic Force, illuminating them and activating aspects of his DNA structure that lie dormant.

Mantras are forms of Light energy and act in all vehicles, raising the vibration of the System, especially in the Mental Body.

In the mental field they act as regulators of brain waves and disseminate mental excesses, generating an inner force to focus on the work of Being. Hence they are used to achieve stability and sublimation of Consciousness.

It harmonizes and elevates the vibratory field of the spaces where its intonation is performed.

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