Theachigs of revelation




These are the Higher Order Truths not known to humanity,

given for this path to Mataji Shaktiananda from Superior Spheres

in order for Her to be the vehicle of transmission

of these high forms of Wisdom.


The Divine Values School has in the Realized Consciousness of Mataji Shaktiananda and in the guide from of the Mahavatar Babaji inner planes, its most valuable treasure of wisdom. The Revelations, called Shruti in the Primordial Tradition, are very high frequency forms of truths, which have even been deliberately hidden from the human collective, waiting for its willingness to receive high frequencies of Light.

There have been times when humanity has not been seen in a position to receive Revelations that would break with everything it has constructed as a vision of existence, including a spiritual purpose away from the true Plan and an endless number of minor truths that have hidden the subtlest perception of the Light.

There would be no possible way of ascension if the firmer purposes of the Divine Plan are not reveal to men from Subtle Planes.

Since ancient times it has been known that it is not possible to reveal the superior truths that are closed to these levels of consciousness through external transmission and investigation or by the deployment of the rational mind. 

The forms of Higher Consciousness reached by Beings who have been able to Realize God, become the conduits through which the greater truths, the Revelations on aspects of life and planetary evolution can descend and make their way towards this plane, where the distortions and dark codes of the Matrix have been able to keep most human beings existing over partial and manipulated truths.

The Revelation Teaching offered in this School is the restitution made from Superior Spheres of transcendent truths, which are only revealed again to Humanity during these times of great transformations and only through the Consciousness of Realized Beings.

Cosmic Wisdom



The Hidden History of the Planet and the truths that it brings with it are a fundamental aspect within the Teaching of the Divine Values School. We have lived for centuries, perhaps millennia, with a very dark veil about the true history of the Earth, of our race and its belonging to the cosmic circuits of evolution that take place within the Universe. Now gradually along with the aspects of Revelation, the true and hidden history that we have experience as a race is being recovered.

As more human beings accelerate their vibratory fields, the fabric of Consciousness that surrounds the Planet and interconnects all beings is reactivating and delivering the blocked information due to the fall of the human consciousness bands.

Mataji Shaktiananda has said, and this has been proven conclusively and constantly, that the lost information of the past, essential to face the future with wisdom as a result of learning from experience, is being recovered due to the activation of souls in their own inner path.

That is to say, only through the work of expansion and elevation of Consciousness carried out by each one of the awakened beings, a powerful impact is generated on the collective archives of the past, the cellular memory of the human race, and from there the memory is reactivated. Just as we have seen in the last decades, and especially in the last 5 years, that hidden history has been restored and not only that, it has an important acceptance in the human collective.





From the very moment of the student’s Initiation in the Circle of Fire (first level), he is given fundamental knowledge that bursts and dissolves -with his codes of Light- the erroneous programs and false beliefs that each soul has accumulated throughout their lives on this planet.

Some of the aspects that are addressed in the Cosmic wisdom of the first Levels are:

  • The Eras of Evolution.
  • The influence of other forms of consciousness on human evolution.
  • The chronological aspects of the Divine Manifestation and the current regency.
  • The Ancient cultures of Light and darkness.
  • The planetary vortices and the Shakti Kundalini of earth.
  • The disappeared civilizations and their evolutionary experience.
  • The birth of religions in the dark age.
  • The ancient Sciences of Realization.
  • The Free Will field of experimentation.

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