Sacred Geometry



The SKY System developed by the Mother Shaktiananda and Babaji

has the building codes of the Active Sacred Cosmic Body forms

known in all the secret teachings of humanity.

Sacred Geometry was the first Science revealed  -understanding as Science the creation of existences- of evolutionary units connected to the Mother Source, of Cosmic Laws that could design the experiment and explain reality.

An exact, almost perfect knowledge of what human Creation was and the correlation with the Universe as a whole was structured and dispensed, understanding that it was inhabited by an ensamble of light bodies that formed an interspatial community.

Humanity then began to receive answers about its pure principles. It was said then that existence was based on the mathematical construction of bodies capable of sustaining Life. Life as the support of the Source, and the Source as the flow of Creation, and everything began once again.

All these Geometric Games respond to the unveiling of Creation, that is, to entrust Creation to the inexorable Laws that generated life and this cosmic Game in which Man and God play hide and seek.

The complete manifesto could not be found by itself in any of the set Paths, they preferred to divide it also as a game, and this is how each one reveals himself a part, considering it the only truth, until they can accept and consider the truth in everyone.”

Mataji Shaktiananda and Mahavatar Babaji

All these Geometric Games respond to the unveiling of Creation, that is, entrusting Creation to the inexorable Laws that generated life and this cosmic Game in which Man and God play hide and seek“.


Although only fragments of this ancient Science have arrived until today, it has been through the revelation that the Mahavatar Babaji and the Immortal Masters have offered Shakti Ma, that the highest cosmic knowledge has been recovered for the good of planetary evolution.


Thousands of years ago, Beings of high conscience delivered to Mankind the wisdom of Evolution. They revealed the secret sound of Creation, and the codes with which Men could reconnect with the cosmic currents and Life in the Universe. It is this wisdom, based on the Universe Divine geometries and the way to create and sustain them, what was at first called the Science of Kriya Yoga.

From there, the human race was imbued with the primordial wisdom, the Science of the Being and knew how to achieve Enlightenment, Ascension and Immortality through the perception of Cosmic Love, the capture of the photonic frequencies of God and, from there, the construction of the Divine forms within the Fields of Evolution.

Through the revelations of the Immortal Masters attained by Ma Shaktiananda, the millennial secret of the configuration of the Light Vehicles is offered once again, as the perfect photonic structures that allow Interdimensional Ascension, the Realization of the Self and the reach of Immortality through of activation of dormant DNA helices.

The Sacred Forms of the Cosmic Body



The School Teaching is taught over a total period of three and a half years. During this time, all the seven levels of SKY Teaching are covered, with an average duration of six months each, although this will depend on the dates of Level Steps and mainly on the student’s drive and intention.

There is no commitment, in any way, that forces the student to follow the Teaching during the seven Levels. However, it is always recommended to be able to fully complete the reception of Teaching and Techniques, in addition to activating the dissolution and reconnection processes of each Level. Once this period is concluded, the Initiate student will have the tools and resources necessary for Self-realization and will be able to apply them thereafter with inevitable Light results.

Level Steps are scheduled at least twice a year in the different countries where the School operates or with the distance modality.

The Steps between one Level and another of the Teaching are carried out in a two days intensive, where the initiated student receives the instruction of the superior level and the corresponding system of practices. A work of teaching impregnation from practical aspects is also contemplated.

Sabiduría SKY